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Mini Jumbo Swimming


The mini swimming bag is the Jumbo Bag floating beanbag in its mini version! It has all the characteristics of the Swimming Bag to offer you unparalleled comfort. Suitable for small pools or for children, this floating cushion will make a place for itself in your pool for young and old alike. The small polystyrene beads of which this pool beanbag is made will perfectly fit your body to give you a feeling of lightness. This range of floating cushions is unsinkable! Its resistance gives this pool beanbag all the necessary conditions to bask without feeling guilty or boasting with friends all day long!

En savoir plus sur le tissu

Tissu enduit aspect cuir

100% Honeycombed Polyester

This beanbag is designed for aquatic use. We use a honeycombed polyester to allow water to get in and out of the cushion; and to allow air to circulate to prevent splintering (by jumping on it) and to allow the beads to dry. So, it is not waterproof. It can be used outside of a pool, however, please lift it up and do not drag it on the ground. The mesh of the fabric could be damaged on rough ground or with imperfections (stones, splinters, nails...). For use in sunbathing exclusively outside a swimming pool, we recommend the original JumboBag giant cushion.

Good UV resistance

Note résistance UV

Non-flammable fabric



lavable à sec


Easy Cleaning

Fully removable, you can change the cover as you wish and wash it easily in the washing machine. In order to preserve the colours of your cushion for longer, we advise you to rinse it with clear water after use and to cover it at night to limit the effects of UV rays.



lavable à sec


En savoir plus sur le remplissage

Caviar or nothing

This product is exclusively filled with virgin polystyrene beads specially dedicated to the filling of furniture.

The optimal quality of our filling guarantees long-term comfort.
Our products can be used over several years without the need for additional filling.

For reasons of economy, many "first price" footstools are not filled with noble beads to the detriment of the comfort and health of the users because of their residual dust. There is also reconditioned beads, or worse, ground beads. In both cases, these balls do not return to their original shape like the virgin ball and are mainly used for insulation in the building industry.

The inimitable comfort of our products is largely due to the choice of our beads.

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Mini Jumbo Swimming Products

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100% honeycomb Polyester

Type of use:

Indoor / Outdoor / Pool

Cover removable:


Mini Jumbo Swimming


100% virgin Polystyrene beads


Machine washable ( 40° )

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